Welcome to TCAA, the most successful agency you've probably never heard of.

TCAA is an independent, full-service advertising agency with deep roots in media planning, media buying, and digital media. For more than two decades, we’ve been flying under the radar, generating cross-channel customer engagement, remarkable results and revenue for our clients. And we’ve never lost a client - not one in 24 years.

Small agency service, big agency results.

In 1989, founder Tony Ciafardini opened his full-service advertising agency with the sole focus of providing the best results for his clients while never sacrificing service.  This dogged determination resulted in TCAA winning a review for the creative and media buying for the New England Toyota account.  Over the next decade, Ciafardini's team grew and flourished by achieving remarkable results for clients.  The results were so compelling that he was able to add the four-state Cincinnati Region and Western Washington Toyota accounts to his growing list of clients.

Today, TCAA is a full-service advertising agency, minus what you've come to expect from traditional ad agencies.  We don't chest-thump, self-promote or seek the limelight.  We don't use jargon or adspeak. We're not arrogant or political and our hallways aren't filled with here-today-gone-tomorrow employees. Instead, you'll find experienced media execs who've learned a thing or two about client service.  This experience and expertise has fueled TCAA's growth from a regional agency to a national agency that knows the meaning of great service.  Interested in hearing more about us?  Contact us here.


TCAA offers a wide range of capabilities including traditional and digital media planning and buying, sports sponsorship negotiation, creative production and more. As a highly successful national media shop, we’re known for our hard-nosed negotiation. We’re also known for creating uniquely effective solutions, especially in the brave new world of digital media. Plenty of companies wish they could offer what we can. Capabilities — with creativity.


We can function as media buying agency for brands of all shapes and sizes.  We will work with small to mid-size advertising agencies in need of media buying, creative production, search marketing and digital expertise.  We’re flexible and nimble, a seamless turnkey media buying experience.  We’ve evolved into a trusted source of specialized digital media solutions for franchises, large retailers and businesses seeking to maximize profits from high-volume retail websites.  We partner with other agencies — creative shops and search firms — seeking to add digital media buying expertise to their capabilities. Contact us for more info.

What works & what doesn't.

Over and over again, we’ve learned that the most successful media plans are created market by market. A great media solution for Nashville won’t be the same as the perfect plan for Boston. Is it more work this way? Yes. Is it the right thing to do? Yes, and that’s why we do it.

We start by crafting a customized Media Platform for each of our clients. This detailed tool is based on strategy, objectives, analytics and compilations of market data. The TCAA Media Platform is essential to planning and guides the media buying process from start to finish.

Any average media planner can translate strategy into media channels. Our media solutions are designed to deliver results: market by market, client by client, one on one.

At TCAA, we like to approach media planning as an art and a science:
- One-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approaches don’t work
- Channel-by-channel measurement establishes ROI benchmarks
- Ongoing tracking and analysis lead to better results and new benchmarks

Hard-nosed negotiation is in our DNA. And your ROI.

Media buying is actually a simple formula. It all starts with a rate. If you don’t get the lowest rate possible, you won’t get the best return on investment. If you don’t get the best return on investment, you’re not getting the most bang for your buck.

TCAA has been building a reputation for highly specialized, cross-channel media solutions for more than 20 years. We have long-standing relationships with media vendors and their reps know firsthand about our dogged determination to get the best rates for our clients. Our media clout is well documented in this media buying case study, too.

Efficient, effective media buying means real value for our clients. In short, we save them money and money saved is just as good as money earned.

DIGITAL MEDIA: If your message isn't targeted, it isn't relevant.  Especially online.

Digital media is no longer niche advertising.  Every day it’s evolving to be more like TV, radio, and print. Your customers watch videos on YouTube, listen to “radio” on Pandora, and see banner ads on their local newspaper's website.  The good news is — they’re not immune to a meaningful message.  But how do you make it meaningful to the person on the other side of the screen?

First, you consider every touch point under the same umbrella.  TCAA uses data analysis techniques developed in-house to collect and manage data across all of your digital campaigns. (If you’re still using separate reports for search and display ads, you’re working with inaccurate data and, well, that’s kind of useless.) Then we use multi-touch attribution modeling to measure your marketing’s impact across touch points, ultimately leading to better media planning and buying decisions.

We left click-through rates behind long ago and moved on to real ROI.  The Internet changed just about every industry under the sun, and the evolution continues. As media professionals, we have to keep one eye on the future.  The processes and methodologies we’re developing and executing for interactive media today will become the future of all media buying.



Ad exchanges and real-time bidding have irrevocably changed the digital advertising landscape. Advertisers can now access their customers virtually anywhere on the Internet in real-time. This type of access takes an extremely sophisticated approach in order to capitalize on every opportunity and that's exactly what we provide our clients every day.

Many agencies wish they could offer what we do, efficiency and scale. We can access over 11 billion ad impressions per day and dynamically target the people that are most likely to convert into customers for our clients. We maximize our clients’ ROI by harnessing the power and efficiency of real-time bidding to find their shoppers online at the right time for the right price. To sum it up, our clients get higher quality advertising for less money.

With access to every major ad exchange, we can pinpoint your shoppers and deliver dynamic ad messages developed in real-time. Has someone been shopping a product on your site but still hasn’t made a purchase? TCAA can help you find this shopper and show him ads for the products he has viewed on your site and even dynamically customize ads on the fly to show the most relevant messages. Interested in getting more information? Contact us to learn more about our vast real-time advertising capabilities.

Our team takes sports marketing
to the next level.

Most sports sponsorships consist of a logo in a stadium, a bunch of free tickets, and overpriced hospitality packages. Traditionally there’s been very little value in sponsorship and even less in a sponsorship that actually sells products.

We approach sports sponsorships differently. We focus on extracting media value commensurate with our client’s investment. Tickets and hospitality are added value.

We’ve negotiated dozens of sponsorships with MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and collegiate teams. TCAA has the negotiation and media experience to make sure our clients actually see an ROI for their sports sponsorship above and beyond mere association with a team.


    Cincinnati Bengals
    Cincinnati Reds
    Cleveland Cavaliers
    Columbus Blue Jackets
    Detroit Red Wings
    Memphis Grizzlies
    New England Patriots
    The Ohio State University
    Seattle Seahawks
    Seattle Mariners
    Tennessee Titans
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Kentucky
    University of Tennessee
    University of Washington
    Xavier University

Creating greater ROI, one market at a time.

Creativity is totally subjective. Everybody has an opinion about what makes an ad creative. Many people can describe a favorite commercial in great detail, without being able to recall the product or advertiser. We’re bombarded with more messages today than ever before and those that aren’t relevant are ignored or forgotten.

TCAA has deep experience in regional advertising from coast to coast. We strongly believe that each and every market is unique. That’s why we not only tailor our creative product to highly targeted audiences, we tailor it to address specific conditions within a given market.

That way, the thousands of commercials we create every year will be more impactful and will more likely achieve our clients' goals. At the same time, viewers will be more likely to recall our clients' message.


All of our clients have experience with big traditional agencies.  They made the switch to TCAA and have stayed with us because they know the value of a great agency.

TCAA isn't a big traditional agency.  We're a full-service shop - emphasis on service.  We're convinced that commitment and hard work bring results, and results keep clients happy.  TCAA is proud to continually deliver results for our clients and to help them to achieve success.


"Possesses strong organizational and leadership skills."  "Must exhibit excellent collaboration and communication skills."  "Is passionate and thrives in a fast-paced environment."  Sound familiar?

We appreciate all of those qualities at TCAA. Who doesn’t? The fact is, we’ll recognize a great match when we see it.

One of the best things about growth and success is the opportunity to hire like-minded people. Not that you have to agree with everything everyone says around here - quite the contrary. We appreciate independent thinkers who aren’t afraid to defend their ideas, as long as it’s for the good of the team and our clients.

Current Job Openings

Position Title: Digital Marketing Manager
Type: Full-time
Location: TCAA Boston Office (Dedham, MA) Download full job description HERE and send your resume to careers@tcaausa.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Position Title: Digital Marketing Intern Position
Type: Part-time
Location: TCAA Boston Office (Dedham, MA)
Download full job description HERE and send your resume to careers@tcaausa.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


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